An Airport Close to Home

In 1 hour you could fly 100 miles is a basic airplane. Something modestly more advanced would get you 150 straight line miles away. You could travel, conduct business and still be home for dinner.

"Build one mile of road, and you can travel one mile. Build one mile of runway, and you can go anywhere"

Airports in Racine County - RAC

Batten International Airport. A full reliever service airport 15 miles south of Milwaukee Mitchell, and 50 miles north of Chicago O’Hare, is one of the safest and capable locations around. We have a low density traffic air space around us, long protected runways and precision navigation aids on the field. Students have told us, they get twice the flying time at Batten as they would at other airports Mike  what about the other Racine county airport too.

Sylvania Airport C89


Burlington Municipal - BUU

A beautiful airport with rental car services and aircraft maintenance on the field. Burlington located in SE Wisconsin between Chicago and Milwaukee providing great accessibility for Midwest pilots. The runways allow business jets to visit the facility from around the country. Competitive fuel prices and 24/7 access to the pilot lounge complement each visit Open 7 days a week, with fuel services. A 2410 feet of 130 ft wide turf runway for people that like sod, or the 11/29 strip of 4300 ft x 75 wide of asphalt for the rest of us. Contact the FBO Burlington Air-Center

Wag-Aero Airport

Yep! An aircraft parts store on their own runway. Wag-Aero Airport in Lyns, WI. (262) 763-9586

East Troy Airport

East Troy Aviation, Inc. • 2083 County Road L, Hangar S3 • East Troy, WI 53120 • (262) 642-2755  East Troy Aviation Inc. one of the rare Flight Schools in the country which specializes in Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) training and rental. They rent Light Sport Aircraft to pilots who hold a student Light Sport license or higher.

Where should I fly today?

Each ring is 1 hour or about 150 miles from Racine, Wisconsin

one hour flight

 Yes it depends on wind speeds, time to climb, air trafic control...